hospital, insulation boxes, ice bags and towel s altogether. Urinal 25,

At 16:00 in the afternoon, the drill began as planned. When the outbound quality inspection personnel listened to the recording at the work station and found that the quality inspection station line was on fire, they immediately called loudly and repeatedly to remind all the personnel present; after hearing the call, the safety officer quickly detected the fire and called the 119 phone, then contacted the property management company; volunteer firemen check the power off in their office area and immediately pick up fire extinguishers nearby to put out the fire. The evacuation guide organizes personnel to evacuate from the nearest fire passageway to the assembly place in time; our staff immediately report the fire to the department leader, and the rest immediately stop working, turn off computers and other electrical equipment, cover their mouth and nose with wet towels, and evacuate quickly to the designated evacuation site with the guidance of the evacuation guide. After counting the number of people, the Department of Security and Security summarized the exercise and pointed out the areas that need to be improved and strengthened. Then explain to all personnel in detail the use of fire extinguishers and smoke masks, so that all personnel learn to operate.

The head teacher is busy from morning to evening, holding a cell phone at dinner, with hot towels on his eyes while dealing with class affairs, guiding parents to sign in. Of course, there is a more serious task, which is to provide psychological counseling to parents and children at any time. In my heart, I can only sigh silently, who makes us the omnipotent head teacher?

Specifically, wearing goggles is the key to preventing conjunctivitis. If you feel eye discomfort after swimming, you can prevent it with rifampicin eye drops or 25% chloramphenicol eye drops. Do not rub your eyes with your hands or wipe your eyes with unclean towels.

After washing the hair, dry the excess moisture with a towel, massage the hair with enough conditioner from the root to the tip, and try not to rub it on the scalp. Rinse clean after two or three minutes.

Try to go out when the sun is not strong during the day. If you want to go out, you can wear a sunshade for your baby. Suitable for the baby to wear in summer hat, not only to achieve effective sunshade, but also to cool and breathable. Try to choose a wide-brimmed hat and the brim should be as wide as possible to block out the sun. At the same time, we should pay attention to the style and material of the hat, which is easy to dissipate heat and absorb sweat. In the selection of hats, we must pay special attention to the design of the head, not too tight, it is best to choose towels and other sweat-absorbing materials of the hat. If the hat is easy to cover and sweat, it makes the baby feel hot and uncomfortable.

hospital, insulation boxes, ice bags and towel s altogether. Urinal 25,

If during the examination, it is found that the wound is not large and not serious, this is a superficial scald, and the patient can be treated with relevant drugs as recommended by the doctor. However, if there is persistent pain and excessive epidermal damage, further treatment should be received. On the way to see a doctor, you can cover the wound with cold water and wet towels to relieve the pain. Return to Sohu to see more

The things that need to be prepared after operation are: 1. Ice bag and incubator 2. Towel 3. Urinal 4. Crutches 5. A total of these five kinds of braces are needed. Ice bags are used for daily ice to lift legs and ice for 15-30 minutes after physiotherapy. After that, ice bags are put into incubators to keep warm. The hospital has some distribution ice. These are all made by hospital attendants, which are not sold in the hospital. I bought it in this hospital, insulation boxes, ice bags and towels altogether. Urinal 25, crutch 130, brace 420, much cheaper than before, it is really good for the attendants to deliver ice every day; we were hospitalized for a total of six days, three days in advance, and actually discharged after a total of three days.

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