changed to take a towel in the past,

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2 jin of salt, 2 taels of ginger and 2 taels of liquor. Slice the ginger, add water to boil, stir-fry the large grains of salt and change color, spray the liquor evenly on the large grains of salt. Then, roll it up with a towel and fasten it to the belly button with a belt (be careful not to burn it). After cooking, the patient drinks ginger water until he is sweating. When the large grain of salt cools down, the patient can take off the bag. General patients, according to this method to use 2 Murray 3 times, can be effective.

3. Toilet cleaning, toilet cleaning principle is also from top to bottom; recognize the material of the toilet before cleaning, the cleaning methods of different materials are different; if there are ceramic tiles on the bathroom wall, then you can clean it with a cleaning ball or board brush, and focus on cleaning the gaps between the tiles, glue stains and cement stains left on the surface. Sanitary ware products can be cleaned with towels, not steel balls and other sharp tools.

As soon as I enter the classroom every day, the first thing I do is to open the window for ventilation, do a good job in disinfecting towels and cups, and do all kinds of sanitary work. In peacetime, in order to let children develop good living habits, when washing, they can watch the order in time, pay attention to the safety of children, and give them the correct method of hand washing, even if it is cold, let children insist on washing their hands before and after meals. At lunchtime, let children do not speak, quietly and happily eat their own meals, so that they are not picky or partial, give guidance to children who eat picky meals, and gradually develop good eating habits of young children; during the siesta, I strictly require children to develop good siesta habits, cultivate their correct sleeping posture and fall asleep quietly. In terms of pick-up and delivery, we should adhere to the separation of people and cards, conscientiously complete our duties, and serve young children wholeheartedly. The happiness of the children is the encouragement to my work, the satisfaction of the parents, and the affirmation of my work.

There are 40 children in our class, including 23 boys and 17 girls. Through the activities and exercise of the middle class for a school year, each child has developed to varying degrees in all aspects. Mainly manifested in the ability to live independently, can wear and take off in an orderly manner, tidy up clothes, shoes and socks. Be able to use handkerchiefs, towels and toilet paper correctly. Most young children have gradually developed the good habit of washing their hands seriously, taking the initiative to drink water, eating quietly and happily and returning things far away. In addition, through fiddling with and operating in the corner activities, children learn to carry out simple comparison, classification, measurement and other activities, at the same time, we also found that there are problems in the process of early childhood development: some children can not consciously make the bed after getting up; do not pay enough attention to all kinds of information in life; do not experience the fun of communication in time. We will take appropriate measures in response to these in this semester, so that the ability of young children can be developed in an all-round way.

Therefore, dress the baby do not think that TA cold to wear more, it is best to choose breathable, thin, sweat-absorbing clothes, and when the baby has a large amount of activity, it is best to give the baby a cushion back towel to absorb sweat in time.

But if the fur scales are open and turned over, the hair will be very rough and dull. Freshly washed hair under the action of hot water and shampoo, the hair scales are open, the gap between the scales will increase, the hair will look rough; and the grease on the hair has been washed off, the water retention capacity drops, and the hair will be dry. At this time, if you continue to rub with towels, the friction between towels and hair will further increase the gap between hair scales, so that hair scales warp up, causing great harm to hair.

It is necessary to maintain good personal hygiene habits, keep the environment clean, wash hands frequently, ventilate frequently at home, and wear masks when going out, so as to avoid activities in crowded places as far as possible. When coughing or sneezing, cover your mouth and nose with your upper arm or paper towels or towels, wash your hands after coughing or sneezing, and try to avoid touching your eyes, mouth and nose. Reasonable diet, proper exercise, regular work and rest, enhance physique and immunity. When influenza-like cases occur in schools, kindergartens and other collective units, patients should isolate themselves and rest at home to reduce the risk of influenza transmission.

changed to take a towel in the past,

Travel to stay in a hotel, with compressed towels, can completely avoid these problems, their own things to rest assured, do not have any psychological burden, do not have to struggle. In addition, the compressed towel is small in size, light in weight, does not take up space, and is easy to carry.

As soon as my mind moved, I went back to the bathroom. There was a burst of ecstasy in my heart, and I thought I had space. Always reading fantasy text to learn like this, casually changed to take a towel in the past, it is really space, I do not know if it can do anything else.

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