the door gap with cloth strips or towel s). If possible, constantly

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one? Towels, quilts, cloths and other articles used by customers should be “one customer for one disinfection”, timely cleaning, disinfection, classified storage, and make a good record of disinfection, and advocate bringing personal belongings.

8. If you are indoors and find smoke coming in through the door, you should first test the door with your hand. If you feel very hot, it means that the door is burning and you cannot open the door at this time. If you do not feel hot, you should tentatively open a crack in the door to observe the outdoor situation. if you cannot escape, you should immediately close the door and take measures to prevent smoke from entering (such as blocking the door gap with cloth strips or towels). If possible, constantly throw water on the door, and constantly throw items that are not easy to hurt in the room out of the window and report to the 110Command Center by telephone to remind the rescue personnel of

In infancy, the nasal mucosa is fragile, there is no nasal hair to help clean up abnormal substances, choking milk will also let the milk into the nasal cavity, causing nasal ventilation is not smooth, the baby is too small, pay more attention to cleaning, you can consider using nasal inhalers, hot towels hot air fumigation nose

the door gap with cloth strips or towel s). If possible, constantly

First, wrap the children in soft towels and give them sense of security. Children are used to the bound sense of security. Parents can find a loose towel to wrap the baby before they want to sleep.

In fact, the process of washing hair is not long, no matter how long hair can be done in 15-20 minutes, but the ancients did not have a hair dryer, the process of drying hair is the most troublesome, their hair is one or two meters long, it is easy to tie a knot with hair. It takes half an hour to comb these knots with a comb, and then it takes at least an hour to dry the hair with a towel.

Finally, the editor once again reminds you that you should avoid swimming in public swimming pools, avoid using public bathing facilities, and avoid sharing towels with others to prevent infection. At the same time, try to avoid scratching and prevent yourself from being infected by vaccination.

the door gap with cloth strips or towel s). If possible, constantly

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