in our class all bring clothes and towel s, and we always

The area of the toilet is very small, but there are many items that need to be collected. First of all, there are all kinds of bath products, bath gel, shampoo, soap, towels, cosmetics, toilet paper, etc., if there is no suitable storage space, there will be nowhere to put. Although most bathrooms are equipped with bathroom cabinets, it is not realistic to put all these bathroom products into the bathroom cabinets, and it will be very inconvenient when using them. Recommend several wall shelves to everyone, make full use of the walls of the bathroom to solve the problem of the storage of bathroom products, the toilet is cleaner and more convenient to use.

3. While the soybeans are hot, wrap them in towels so that they are breathable and warm. Put a hot water bag at the top and bottom of the towel to heat the beans evenly and help to ferment. Remember to change the hot water every day, keep the temperature of the beans at about 30 degrees, and then pack it in a foam box outside. the old way is to wrap it in a quilt to keep the beans fermented.

Since the “COVID-19” pneumonia prevention and control work was carried out, the Zhenlai County Federation of Trade unions has conscientiously organized and done a good job in propaganda and education work on epidemic prevention and control among trade union organizations at all levels and the broad masses of workers in the county, while actively carrying out activities to care for, care for, and sympathize with the front-line workers in the prevention and control of the epidemic. In view of the actual work of the frontline posts in the prevention and control of the epidemic, cotton coats, thermos cups, instant noodles, ham sausages, rice, noodles, oil, vegetables, hand sanitizers, towels and other consolation products were sent, totaling 110000 yuan. It fully reflects the care and warmth of trade union organizations and inspires the determination and fighting spirit of the staff and workers of the whole county to carry out epidemic prevention and control work.

And indoor and outdoor environment cleaning, regular disinfection. In addition to disinfecting toys, tables and chairs every day, we also carry the cotton wool of our class upstairs to expose it on a hot day, and carefully observe the situation of the children in the class. For individual frail children, we also give them special care in daily life. We often pay attention to their performance during meals and siestas, and we also care about their cold and warm in outdoor activities, reminding them to drink more water and change sweaty clothes for their children in time. The children in our class all bring clothes and towels, and we always patiently change them so that parents can rest assured.

Most people want to dry their hair with an absorbent towel after washing their hair. Rubbing it back and forth will dry it faster, but it is easy to cause serious damage to the hair scales and damage the already fragile hair. So how should we dry our hair?

Place the kneaded dough in a greased bowl and cover it with a clean kitchen towel. Allow it to rise in a warm area for approximately 1 hour, or until it has doubled in size. This step is crucial to ensure soft and fluffy bagels.

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