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to play games. Playing and playing are the nature of children, and the integration of some fire prevention knowledge into the game will often have unexpected results. Parents can practice escape with their children, teach them how to bend over, cover their mouth and nose with wet towels, and simulate fire alarm with their children. (remember not to call “119” fire alarm directly.)

Second, equipped with swimming caps, goggles, nose protectors and other swimming gear; swimming time should not exceed 90 minutes; in the dressing room, close-fitting clothes should be packed in clean plastic bags; do not sit directly on the chair, it is best to put on clean towels before changing clothes After swimming, you should urinate as much as possible and take a bath as soon as possible, keep the skin and vulva clean, do not give time and space for bacterial growth, if you find discomfort, you should go to the regular hospital for examination and treatment in time.

Never pull your hair when you dry it. Try to use two towels, the first to absorb most of the water, and the second to dry your hair. Rubbing your hair with thick towels can do great harm to your hair. Dry your hair with a hot towel (it feels good, too) and use your fingers to open your hair from the tip. Finally, comb the hair gently with a sparse comb, blow-dry the hair carefully, start slowly and blow away the moisture. So your hair will come back to life.

In 2020, a 6-month-old baby girl was scalded and her family was sent to hospital wrapped in a wet towel soaked in white wine. when she was sent to the hospital, her life was in danger. In addition to 22% of the body area of severe scald, the baby girl was still in a state of severe drunkenness and liver function had been damaged.

A sound of alarm sounded around the Runchen Xinyuan Kindergarten. According to the evacuation route of the emergency plan, the teachers of each class quickly led the children to pick up wet towels, cover their mouths and noses, and bend over for a quick walk. After 2 minutes, all the children in the school were evacuated to a safe place– the playground in front of the kindergarten. The teachers of each class immediately counted and reported the number of children in the class.

3. Teach children not to play with fire, do not play with power plugs and sockets, let alone reach into power outlets with hands or conductors; teach children to save themselves from fire, such as covering their mouth and nose with wet towels.

Gently unfold these wrinkles while taking a bath and wash the skin below with a clean cotton towel. Then dry the water, and you can even use a hair dryer to dry the child.

Many patients find that a hot bath before going to bed and after getting up is very helpful in relieving pain and stiffness, warm water bags and electric blankets are also helpful, and some patients apply ice on the inflamed parts of the pain, but be careful. Do not directly use ice bags to ice the inflamed parts, wrap the ice bags with towels and apply them again to avoid frostbite. In general, use thermotherapy when the affected area is painful rather than inflamed, and use a cold compress when the affected area is inflamed.

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