energy-saving in the near future. Aluminum silicate blanket can have a

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As concrete needs a certain temperature guarantee during pouring, attention should be paid to the heat preservation of concrete to prevent the temperature caused by heat loss from being too low to meet the requirements. In the concrete pouring at the same time to ensure the temperature, if there is too low temperature, concrete pouring is bound to have quality problems. When the concrete has not yet solidified, it needs to be insulated. In modern times, the usual practice is to ensure the temperature of the electric heating equipment. Usually: build a slow platform to keep the heat at a height of 30cm, gradually withdraw the electric blanket, and inject cooling water into the Weir on the top surface.

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Refractory fiber and rock wool are selected as the insulation layer, light bricks are used as the lining of the furnace body, the heat storage loss of the furnace body is enhanced, and the heat dissipation loss of the furnace wall is enhanced. (6) apply high temperature and high radiation coating around the furnace to enhance the radiative heat transfer in the furnace, which is conducive to the full utilization of heat energy, and its energy-saving effect is 3%-5%, which is more energy-saving in the near future. Aluminum silicate blanket can have a good thermal insulation effect, so it is widely used, what we need to know is where it can be used, and if we understand it clearly, it can bring us more help when we use it. so that we can make better use of it. One of the advantages of aluminum silicate blanket is the performance ratio of high temperature resistance, which can withstand high temperature when in use, and can work in the case of high temperature, which brings convenience for us.

It also requires good support and special construction procedures as a guarantee. In order to prevent the separation of the outer layer of the building, many walls break, blister or appear concave and convex distortion, which will be a very fatal phenomenon in architectural decoration, which should be particularly protected for the installation of rock wool insulation board. once it causes the insulation layer to fall off, it will reduce the performance of use. For the actual construction and construction work, but also to ensure that the wall glossiness industry properties, for the external air and Rain Water to do a very strong resistance function. Product features: rock wool composite board products are fireproof board 1. Good fire performance: rock wool is the inner core or glass fiber, but any fire grade requirements; 2. Thermal insulation of rock wool composite board: thermal conductivity rock wool thermal conductivity glass wool. Rock wool composite board bright color: no need for surface decoration, color steel plate protection. What are the advantages of aluminum silicate blanket? aluminum silicate blanket is made of aluminum silicate.

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