for example, to correctly use their own towel s and cups, to

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Since this semester, with the joint efforts of the teachers, the children in our class have learned to take care of themselves: for example, to correctly use their own towels and cups, to form the habit of throwing garbage into the trash can, to get along well with children, to say hello to teachers and elders, and so on.

5. Place the baguettes on a baking sheet, leaving enough space between them for expansion. Dust them with some flour, then cover them loosely with a kitchen towel and allow them to rise for an additional 30 minutes.

Rescue workers first communicated with the child, asking him to cover his body with a towel, away from the sliding door, to avoid injury in the rescue process, and decided to demolish it after consultation with the head of the household. rescuers used crowbars and wrenches to break down the upper track pulley and door frame of the glass sliding door. After about 10 minutes of efforts by rescuers, the sliding door was successfully pushed open more than 30 centimeters open, and the child successfully extricated himself from the bathroom.

At 05:30 in the evening on the first day of our trip to Qiziwan, we took our children, wrapped in towels, braving the chilly sea breeze, through the seemingly endless shelterbelt, only to be stunned by the sight when we finally reached the beach.

two。 Do not play with flammable and explosive materials to prevent burns or fires. Do not play near the fire source or under the high-voltage line. Teach children how to save themselves from fire, such as covering their mouth and nose with a wet towel.

(4) Cao Tingdong said in his essay on Health Preservation in the Qing Dynasty: “the words of the family of keeping health should be bathed by the wind, for fear of suffering from the head wind.” It means that if you wash your hair in the wind, you are easy to get head wind. If you wash your hair at night and fall asleep before it dries, you are more likely to get sick. Generally speaking, it is best not to wash your hair before going to bed. if you want to wash it, dry it with a dry towel, and then use a hair dryer to dry your hair until it is fully dry before going to bed.

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